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ECR & Stock Manager |


Used across more than 5,000 UK sites, ECR Manager provides everything you need to use your
SPOS EPOS effectively.
Create and manage PLUs, Barcodes, Departments and unique Keyboard layouts.

ECR Manager

Key Features

  • PLU creation & management, including outlet
    specific pricing, localised tax rates, time bound offers
    and promotions, and modifier pricing e.g. Pint and
    Half Pint

  • Promotions & offers, including mix & match
    promotions, timebound offers, and regular
    promotional events e.g. Happy Hour

  • Reporting, including pre-set or bespoke reports such
    as sales by PLU, server activity reports, customer
    activity reports, payment reconciling and attendance
    reports, all managed at a global system level, an
    outlet specific level, or via a specific terminal. The system also supports historical reporting on a flexible
    combination of dates, locations and product details

  • Flexible screen layouts, to suit the specific needs of
    the outlet or station within the business, supporting
    maximum productivity with common task or product

  • Stock level indications, including apparent stock
    levels, valuation, re-ordering prompts and delivery
    audits, by PLU or range. The system can also be
    extended to include full stock management using the
    Stock Manager Software (see next page)

  • Scheduling features, including pre-set system tasks
    such as end of day reporting and sales reporting

Optional Features

  • PMS management to assign sales to rooms with
    up to 60 rooms and 6 accounts per room. Sales and
    payment tracking support real-time balance requests

  • Multi-computer use to enable multiple users to
    access the same system at the same time for reporting

Stock Manager

Enhancing the functionality of ECR Manager, this software provides a comprehensive stock control
system, enabling quick analysis of stock levels, linked to point of sale information. This allows quick
analysis of apparent stock, based on point of sales information against the stock ledger. Simple food
recipes and mixers can be included in the system to aid accurate postmix and ingredient control too.

Key Features

  • Sales management to automatically adjust stock
    levels against sales and presales

  • Stock level management including stock codes and
    categories, automatic wastage levels, minimum stock
    quantities, and connection to specific suppliers and
    prices. This is also linked to the stock ordering facility
    to automatically or manually reorder stock based on
    minimum stock quantities for example

  • Stocktakes which can be carried out while the system
    is still in use, and stock adjustment facilities such as
    returns and stock transfers

  • PLU linking enabling PLUs to be connected to
    several stock items or vice versa, so that stock can be
    monitored for product groups and bundles, or recipes
    for example

  • Supplier management detailing supplier details for
    specific products

  • Deliveries management including the import of

  • Comprehensive reporting including stock levels,
    sales and estimated profit, stock valuation, stocktake
    and supplier-based reports. Custom reporting is
    also available for any combination of stock, supplier
    category and date range.

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