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Point of Sale


SPOS Electronic Point of Sale software is a fully featured
EPOS platform for your hospitality business.

Key Features

  • Flexible Screen Customisation

  • Staff Time and Attendance

  • Secure Server Sign on

  • Restaurant Table Management

  • Flexible Kitchen Printer System

  • Customer Age Verification

  • Stock Countdown

  • Collect Customer Deposits

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Network Support for Large Installations

  • Customer Accounts

  • Scanning Support

  • Comprehensive Promotion System

  • Mix and Match Items

  • Customer Facing Rear Screen

  • Hotel PMS Integration

  • Integrated Card Payments

  • Cloud Reporting

  • Handheld Ordering

Flexible Menu System

  • Easy customisation of the menu layout

  • Add Colours and change font sizes

  • Images can be added to simplify use

  • Linked product menus for specifying exclusions or additions

  • Product add-on menu items for condiments

MASTER_Trading_with items.jpg
Item images.jpg

Secure sign on methods

Multiple methods allow a server to sign on to the system and register time and attendance

  • Magnetic card

  • On screen password

  • Dallas key (iButton)

  • RFID / MiFare

  • Fingerprint

  • On screen server button

Preset Servers.jpg

Advanced Table Management

Manage large or small venues by using the floor plan or the active tables view.


Tables can have a custom colour scheme to allow for a quick overview of trading in real time.  Show statuses such as mains or starters ordered with custom colours.

  • Show table status by colour

  • Split a table bill between customers by products or bill total

  • Sell products by seat or by table

  • Itemised bill to show product splits

Active tables.jpg
Bill Split.jpg
Bill Split.jpg

Kitchen Printing

  • Flexible kitchen printer routing instructions

  • Add free text to send messages to the kitchen

5_4_Freetext KP.jpg

More Features

​Stock Countdown

  • Show the remaining number of any item available

  • Prevents server from selling sold out items



Comprehensive Loyalty and Rewards system

  • Customer discount groups

  • Full auditing and reporting

  • Customers earn points to redeem against future orders

Customers can be identified using the following methods

  • Barcode

  • Magnetic Card

  • RFID (MiFare)

  • Fingerprint 

  • Manual key entry


Age Verification

  • Set age against a product (eg. 16/18)

  • When customer age has been confirmed no more alerts will appear.

  • Report on confirmations and refusals


Customer Accounts

Charge bills to an account to be settled later

  • Customer signature on receipt

  • Full audit trail and statements

  • Accounts can be paid off in part or in full

  • Customer deposits can be taken

  • Barcode printing for deposit redemption


Integrated Payments

  • Bill totals are sent directly to the payment device

  • Manual keying errors are reduced

  • Wired and Wireless solutions available

  • Pay at Counter and Pay at Table options

  • Reconcile payments with SPOS

  • EMV and PCI compliant integrations

If your payment provider of choice is not listed, please contact us.

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