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SPOS Remote |
Handheld Ordering



SPOS Remote provides a new way to offer efficient table service to your customers.

Staff training is cut to a minimum as SPOS Remote uses the same programming and lists from your SPOS installation.

Bill printing and table finalisation direct from SPOS Remote allows for faster service and less journeys to the kitchen.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless integration with SPOS

  • Easy to use graphical interface

  • Optimised for tablet and phone style devices

  • Displays allergy information for a product

  • Replicates till programming

  • Use custom lists if required

  • Table finalisation

  • Bill printing

  • Recall and edit orders

  • Shows active tables states

  • Training mode

System Requirements

  • Android version 7.1.2 or greater

  • SPOS version 4.2.1169 or greater

  • Windows 10

  • SPOS Till 4Gb Ram

  • SPOS Till 1Gb Storage

  • Same WiFi network connecting SPOS and SPOS Remote

  • Full WiFi coverage where SPOS Remote is to be used

  • SPOS Remote should not be used on the same network as public WiFi

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